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General Maintenance Requirements for your Poulan String Trimmer:

To make sure that your string trimmer starts without a problem, replace the spark plug at regular intervals. The spark plug gap on all Poulan String Trimmer products is .025-inch. The size of the plug varies from one unit to the next but on string trimmers the size is generally RCJ-8Y or RCJ-6Y. It is always best to check the owner’s manual for specific recommendations and guidelines.

For the string trimmer motor to run smoothly, it is important to lubricate the driveshaft several times a year.

On a curved shaft model you must remove the drive shaft housing from the engine to gain access to the flex shaft. Once you have removed the housing, pull the shaft out, wipe it well, and apply the shaft lubricant. After the lubricant is applied, replace the shaft into the housing, and the reassemble the housing into the engine.

On a straight shaft model, the gear box needs to be removed from the lower end of the shaft. First remove the screws, then pull he shaft out from the bottom of the machine and lubricate in the same way. String trimmer fuel filter needs to be replaced at least once a year for your machine to run cleanly and trouble free.

Every gas engine has a fuel filter located at the end of the fuel line in the fuel tank. To replace the filter, drain the fuel from your machine, pull the filter from the tank, then through the gas tank opening and remove it from the line. Install the new filter on the fuel line and drop back in gas tank.

Poulan String Trimmer Models:

  • Poulan P1500 - 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Engine; Cut Path 16"; Tap 'N Go Dual Exit Head
  • Poulan P2500 - 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Engine; Cut Path 17"; Tap 'N Go Dual Exit Head
  • Poulan P3500 - 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Engine; Cut Path 17"; Centrex trimmer head
  • Poulan P4500 - 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Engine; Cut Path 16"; Fixed line trimmer head

Commonly Replaced Poulan String Trimmer Parts:

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