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Bolens string trimmers are specifically designed to reach those areas of your yard that lawnmowers have trouble getting to.

Because of this, string trimmers often hit rocks, brick, wooden or metal fence posts, and other hard items that wear out the string.

When the string is worn out, you should re-string your Bolens string trimmer with .080-inch diameter replacement string.

Here's how to replace the string on your Bolens string trimmer:

  • Disconnect the spark plug wire on your Bolens string trimmer so it won’t surprise you by starting on its own.
  • Holding the string spool with one hand, unscrew the bump knob with the other, remove the inner reel and clean out any accumulated debris.
  • Loop two equal lengths of 20 foot trimming line, and insert each end through one of the two holes in the inner string trimmer reel.
  • Tuck in the line though the outer spool openings, position the spring into the outer spool, then push the two together.
  • Make sure to pull approximately six inches of line out of each opening, reinstall the bump knob, tighten securely and reconnect the spark plug.

Bolens String Trimmer Models:

  • Bolens 41BD110G965 String Trimmer – 25cc, 2-Cycle motor, shaft curved with a line release bump head; cutting swathe 16 in.
  • Bolens 41BD160G965 String Trimmer - 25cc, 2-Cycle motor, straight shaft , with a line release bump head; cutting swathe 16 in.

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